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walk incentives
Your fundraising help is crucial to the success of Friendship Circle as well as the maintenance and development of our programs. We would like to show our appreciation for your support for Walk4Friends2018.

Please check out the incentives below and get started fundraising today!

$500 - Limited Edition Popsocket

Limited Edition Popsocket
Raise $500 and receive this Limited Edition Popsocket.

$1,000 - I Am Powerful Waterbottle

I Am Powerful Waterbottle
Raise $1,000 and receive this I Am Powerful Waterbottle as well as all of the power walker benefits plus all the perks of the $500 level.

$1,800 - Power Walker

Power Walker Breakfast
A Little Bit of Light Sweatshirt
$200 Program Credit
Power Walker Recognition
Raise $1,800 to become a power walker and receive an invite to the Power Walker Breakfast, a Little Bit of Light Sweatshirt, $200 Program Credit as well as all the perks of the $500 and $1,000 levels.

$3,600 - Power Walker

Friendship Circle Vest
$300 Program Credit
Individuals who raise $3,600 or more will receive a Friendship Circle Vest, $300 Program Credit, plus all the perks of the $500, $1,000, and $1,800 levels.
*During registration set your goal to $1,800 or more to be included in the power walker list on the home page